TJ Cunningham – some perspective

Once in a blue moon, something will hammer home just how irrelevant everything I complain about really is.

This is one of those things.


TJ Cunningham

TJ Cunningham was born in May 2011, and 13 months later suffered his first seizure. He was later diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy which affects toddlers, called “Infantile Spasms”, an effect of a condition know as West’s Syndrome.

TJ has been on the receiving end of countless MRI scans, CT, EEG, lumber puncture – needles, drugs – the works. Unfortunately, he’s not showing signs of improvement. He had learned to walk after his diagnosis, which shocked the doctors, but sadly can no longer walk or sit unassisted.

TJ’s parents are fundraising in order to cover the costs of surgery and travel – the same procedure in the US has a higher success rate than here.

Here’s TJ’s Facebook page where you can find more info on the situation and a link to donations, or go directly to the iDonate page to give what you can.


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