Presidential Debate – The Final Fence

Poor Wee Seanie Gallagher

If ever a man needed a hug, this was that man, and last night was that time.

Pat Kenny, for once, did not induce stomach crippling cringe-attacks, and actually kept the discussion going well, pulling no punches and defending the audience’s questions near the end, as Grey Mitchell popped his top.

sean gallagher

But back to Wee Seanie – never has a man squirmed so much on live television. If it were pre-recorded, they’d have cut and gone again. His choice of words when “defending” his actions were also unfortunate. For one of such distinguished FF valour, envelopes should forever be on his blacklist. “No recollection” similarly outcast. He showed, for the first time in this campaign, a distinct lack of comfort under severe questioning, the likes of which McGuinness and Higgins can handle.

I never honestly thought Gallagher would make a good President (although we may still find out).

McGuinness and Friend

McGuinness and Paisley have had many slumber parties, with McGuinness now 11 – 6 ahead in their Pro Evo 2011 marathon.

Initially, I thought my vote would lie with either Norris or McGuinness. As it stands, I’m still undecided, but certainly Norris has been replaced by Higgins in my thinking. He’s showed decorum, class, nobility and is certainly the most articulate of the candidates after Norris. But he’s so old, they say. So what. We all will be someday.

McGuinness has also popped back into my reckoning after last nights fireworks. His well planned ambush of Wee Seanie made for fantastic TV, and Gallagher took his bait at every instance. Well played Sir.

Still, I don’t know how to arrange my 1-2, and there’s no TV debates left.

Might be time to actually read something.


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  1. Agree 100% ,seems that we are all caught up in this Capatalist sseytm.It is like a software program running on your pc ,we all go along with it and when it crashes ,we just hire someone who understands the way it operates!Personally I think we all have to stand together as a specie never mind a Country .Do we really need all this materialism?How can infinite economic growth exist within Finite resources!!

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