Online Dating – How Lucky Am I?

So I got this unsolicited email………

If this is a genuine girl looking to reach out to a far away country to better her life, or at least attempt to – then I apologise for taking the piss so strongly.
However, it clearly isn’t, so whatevs.

On Wed 01/02/12 1:05 PM , “Yuliya” sent:

Hi my darling, dear friend.
How are you?
Writes to you beautiful, blond, brought up. Decent and very lovely girl.
My name is – Yuliya. To me of 29 years.
I from Russia. I want to find the present and unique love.
I already burned about love. I hope it won’t repeat any more.
I want to get acquainted with you more close.
To learn you, to learn your interests and preferences.
I hope you not against it? It only dialogue.
I will necessarily send you my photo
In the following letter. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
I with impatience will wait for your answer

To this address:

In expectation of your answer, whole, Yuliya.


Yuliya, apparently

Re: I want to get acquainted with you.

Hi Yuliya,
It’s great to finally hear from a genuine girl, there is so much malice and ill-intent in the world these days.

Unfortunately, I’m not the man you may have seen in the news recently – I no longer have fame and fortune, and have lost much of my property and land due to recent court proceedings.
However, my estate lives on, with my fortune only slightly diminished.

The accusations levelled at me and my partners were totally untrue – at no stage did we host “animal parties”, nor did we fraternise with members of various bestiality groups, nor Satanists. These slurs were proved incorrect, due to lack of evidence, and witnesses. The Lord giveth indeed. I thank Beelzebub for his timely interjection regarding the fate of the non-believers.

I’d love to see a picture of you.

Knessis G Brolly.

Subject: Hello.

Hi Knessis!
To me it is very pleasant that you have answered my letter. I am glad that you show to me attention and interest.
I ask you to send me your photos.

I live in Russia. It very much greater and great country. You know something about Russia?
My city is located on the river – Volga. It is very beautiful city. For last years it has strongly increased and became more beautiful.
Climate in my city moderated. In the winter coldly (-25 …-40 degrees), and happens warmly (+25…+35 degrees) in the summer.

I have finished institute in the same city. I studied at economic faculty. Long time could not find to itself work.
And only in 25 years could get a job. Now I work as the secretary in insurance firm.
I work 5 days in a week. The working day begins in 9:00 hours and comes to an end in 17:00 hours Moscow time.
Please, tell to me about the work. Where you work? Than you are engaged in a life?

You like to listen to music? I do not have preference to separate style of music. I listen to music on mood. I consider that music bears in itself any charge of energy.
If it would be desirable to be vigorous I listen to more vigorous music. If it would be desirable to relax, I listen to quieter.

Also I like to spend time in kitchen. I very much like to prepare and do experiments with new dishes. It is very interesting to me.
I even have finished special rates of the cook. On kitchen I also relax and I take pleasure in preparation of meal.
I prefer traditional Russian food. For example pelmeni, podkogoli, a borshch. It is very tasty. You tried? You should try it.
Also I love various salads from fresh vegetables. I consider it it is very useful and necessary for an organism.
But for me also it is interesting to learn about your kitchen. What do you prefer in meal?

I would like to ask to you some questions. What do you like to do at leisure? Your favourite hobby? What character at you? What values at you in a life?
It is pleasant to me to communicate with you. I hope you you will not keep me waiting long your answer???

Yours Yuliya.

getting desperate……………..

Subject: Hello

Type: Attachments

How your business? How has passed your day?
I hope with you all perfectly.
Do not forget to answer me.
It is not necessary to stop acquaintance and our dialogue.
I shall wait for your answer.

nice slave

Subject: Hi my new friend!

Hi my new friend!

I am very glad that you have paid to me attention. I wish to get acquainted with you more close.
My name is Yuliya.
I hope that you with pleasure will continue acquaintance to me.
And dialogue will allow us to learn each other better from different directions.

I search for the man for serious attitudes. Probably it will seem is banal, but I speak in all sincerity.
And I wish to tell to you that in the man for me the main thing is its kind and intimate soul.
I search for the intellectual and strong person who is in a condition to protect and support its loved woman and
To be the devoted partner for it.
To me it is necessary the man which will make me happy. It is very important for me.
I would want that mine the man was the present gentleman.
For me the age or distinction of a nationality is not important.
I am interested in that is in its heart and a shower. I wish to create strong and happy family.
To me it is necessary present the man. I hope you will not afford superfluous.
I the decent and brought up girl. And I hope you with greater respect will concern to me?

I have no own computer of the house. I use the Internet on work. But sometimes I visit the Internet of cafe.
For me it is important to have constant dialogue with you. It will allow us to learn each other better.
I hope, that our correspondence will not interrupt for long time.
I ask to send me the photos more. ok?

I live in Russia. My city refers to – Cheboksary. You know such city????
I was born in July, 28th, 1982. Now to me of 29 years.
My growth of 168 centimeters. My weight of 57 kg.
I was not married. I lived only any time in a civil marriage, that is we have not been officially painted, and simply lived together.
My former young man has thrown me, I have very strongly taken offence at it.
I at all do not wish to recollect it. Please do not remind of it.
I do not have children. But I love children very strongly. In my opinion to opinion children it is flowers of a life. I hope that in the future
I will have children, I shall love them very strongly. As I shall love very strongly the
The future husband.

I from simple family, but with good education. I have grown not in full family. I know about the father a little.
I was grown up only by mum. For me value in a life are not the riches. For me the most important in a life
The love, family, children, family well-being is.

I prefer an active way of life. I love sports, productive leisure. I think that the person should be always in a tone. You agree with me?

I have a little told about myself.
Please closely read my letters, I shall be too I shall carefully read your letters.
I shall try to answer all your questions. I hope your questions I shall be decent and brought up?

That I about itself, yes about itself. Tell to me about you. When you were born? Whether greater at you family?
Whom and where you work?

I hope to receive your answer soon. If you are really seriously interested in me I shall speak about myself more.
Your new friend Yuliya.
I shall wait for your letters, do not forget to send me your photos.
I hope my photos will like you.
sexy slave 2

Sadly, I forgot to send her any photos, nor reply.
Could she be real? Have I missed a golden opportunity to nab myself a genuine sexy kitchen slave?
My kitchen is horrible – she’d be better off staying where she is.

………….turns out, I’m not the first – imagine my devastation!!!!

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  1. Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!

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