Obama is DEAD! Sorry, I meant Osama.

Good or Bad? Awful.

I’ll admit, a rather large part of my conscious still believes that a man capable of ordering the killing of thousands of innocent people going about their daily business probably isn’t worthy of a place on this planet, but the joy and relief on display across various US News Networks last Sunday evening left me feeling a little cold inside.

Disclaimer –

I don’t have any first hand experience with terrorism in any shape or form, but my opinions on the killing of a single human being are nonetheless valid. Had I lost a loved one in any of Bin Laden’s attacks, this opinion may be different, but that’s beyond my control. I write this as a fortunate and untouched member of the same “Western Civilisation” which (we’re told) Islamic fundamentalists loathe so much, and thinking back on the New York attack itself still makes me feel a little sick inside. I’d feel that way regardless of who was the victim – American, Arab, Martian or Elephant. Suffering is suffering, and it’s always a bad thing.

However, if the US are to put themselves forward as the moral guardians of the English speaking world, the free land of opportunity, rights and purveyors of “the greater glory of god”, then I fear they, or should I say their government, have seriously fucked something up.

How could anyone take such a moral highground after spending 10 years and countless billions of taxpayers dollars in the search for a single individual who, allegedly, put the wheels in motion for their darkest hour, but, who has since resided in the shadows and handed on his crazy ideas to those younger and more active than himself? He’s been a catalyst for a residual hatred across the world. If the killing was an attempt to evoke a sense of victory and security, then it is sorely misguided.

If I were the “leader of the free world”, would my time and effort not be spent on a more productive course of action, such as looking after my people at home, cutting short the ill-fated occupations around the middle east and restoring, or at least attempting to, restore my nations image worldwide? It probably would.

What message does killing give out?

Not a very good one.

An eye for an eye does not hold much weight in this age.

By no means do I dislike America – it’s a fantastic place, with amazingly open and intelligent people, yet still the stereotypes are perpetuated worldwide, and not by the cartoon image of overweight, ignorant hillybillys who can’t find Canada on a map, but by the very people entrusted with guiding the nation.

Shame on you Obama.

Congratulations on your popularity surge, but these things pass. If you wish to be held accountable for the callous act of revenge which you’d have us believe has been perpetrated on behalf of your citizens, you must eventually deal with the backlash, shame and guilt.

You took an eye for an eye, and that will live with you forever. You may suffer, but one man can only suffer so much. The image of your nation in the eyes of the world shall surely suffer more.

Revenge is a short lived – an adrenalin hit.

Making such a profound statement on the world stage will last much, much longer.

Shame on you.


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