Live Psychic Readings on TV3!

You are equally as special as everyone else – you can do this!

The above sentence is an actual quote from the live show – other gems include;

  • “all the intelligent people are still awake and watching this show”
  • “call now, while the rest of the country is asleep”.

The frightening thing is that there were actual real people calling in, to glean some vision of their future or of love, money and overall happiness.

I use the term “real people” loosely. They didn’t sound very, eh, how do I put this politely….I can’t
…..I’ll just leave it.

No disrespect to the actual real people who rang in: here’s one I found – she uses her magic pendulum to see if there’s money in his future. Surprisingly, there is!!! Through hard work…….WOWZERS!!! Somebody check the earth, I think it’s shattering.
Luckily, this call would have only cost around €3.

Their website is a laugh too – absolute donkey piss.
The disclaimer at the very bottom of the homepage just confirms my rant is justified –

“Experts are not employees or representatives of ESO.TV. Calls are for entertainment purposes only and recorded.”

To claim people working on your TV show aren’t your employees indemnifies against any form of responsibility – yet I’m not sure that disclaimer is fully legal. Who’s paying these people? Do they get the full cost of the phonecalls into the show?
Keep in mind, the €2.44 is from a landline – a relic of pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland.

Psychic - homeless? It’s not all fun and games – some are forced to cut their own hair and make their own glasses.

<— see?

If they’re not getting paid by ESO.TV, why are they doing this? Free shelter, tea and blankets? From the profiles on the website, this may indeed be the case.

From a business point of view, it’s a fucking goldmine. Very few costs, calls charged at €2.44 a minute, live shows – the list is endless. There are clearly thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, so desperate for some comfort from a dead relative that they’ll swallow anything. Literally.

The website also offers jobs – so the mediums are not employees, do not represent us in any way, have no connection to us at all at all, but would you like a job?

Jobs with

Fancy sitting on your arse talking shit for a living? Yeah, I kind of do.

So, how does a business justify these blatant lies? Not just lies, but taking advantage of the vulnerable, gullible, hurt and lonely. For €2.44 a minute.

Do the owners of such organisations work happily in the knowledge that they’re fraudulent? Do they take advantage of gullible staff, encourage them in their “psychic studies” and so create and effective buffer between themselves and the truth?
Or, does everyone within the organisation, from top to bottom, buy into this lie – or indeed, the belief that what they are doing is a good thing.

But is it a good thing?

If I was an elderly widow, and receiving word from the “other side”, which I believe in 100% (remember, I’m an old lady here), helped me come to terms with the death of my partner and my own impending death, who’s losing out there? I’m a little happier. So, from that point of view, the placebo is effective.
However, this reflects more on society and beliefs, whether right or wrong, than the actual psychic, or whatever they’d like to call themselves.

I recently attended a very worthwhile fund raising event in a local clubhouse bar, in aid of the HSE’s Child Protection and Residential Care service, (since shifted to at which a “famous” psychic would be floating around the room picking up on middle-aged lady body-language. It was a laugh, as in very funny – I did well to keep a straight face for most of it. But the pints were dirt cheap, as was the vodka.

Anyway, this was my first face-to-face experience of a magician, sorry – medium, and it was perfect – all my skepticism and logic was confirmed.

I was informed before the show began of one lady in the audience who always had a story for every situation, always offered her opinions, and loved to be the centre of attention. We thought she would be the first to make the “spiritual connection” with the host, and this was indeed the case. Within seconds of the medium’s opening few lines, tentatively dangling her rod into an unsure, yet clearly willing crowd, a hand was raised, and the immortal line uttered – “I think that might be me!”.

GASP!!!! WOW!! That was amazing. This attention seeking middle-aged lady knew a dead person. She’s of the age where it’s unlikely both her parents are alive.

Rocket science it is not.

The night continued in a similar vein – not once was the “chosen one” a person under the age of 40, and to the best of my memory (pints were cheap, remember), no men were chosen to converse with the bitch on the microphone. I’m not having a go at middle-aged ladies, but…..well, maybe I am.

The highlight of the night, for me, was when the final whistle blew, and I could rest easy, safe in the knowledge that I did not erupt into fits of uncontrollable laughter as a poor old lady lamented her dead husband.

It really boggles my mind how, in this day and age, psychics, mediums and all their various incarnations and variations can STILL make money (and quite a lot of it). How stupid are people? Still?

Take, for example, one of the most successful “one of these” in the UK and Ireland – Sally Morgan – who was found out at a gig in the Canal Theatre last year. Surely, those who attended the Theatre and also listened to the Joe Duffy show conversation the following day simply can’t reconcile the two – she’s a fraud, and the only reason those who attend this type of show defend her must be their own embarrassment – after all, they paid good money for this stage show.

So, my advice to anyone hoping to gain something worthwhile from such psychics and mediums, something which family and friends could not provide, is to just avoid. They really are leeches, liars – clowns, entertainers. By all means, go to a charity gig where pints of Heineken are €3.80 and a double vodka and coke only €5.45, in fact I’d highly recommend that, but make sure the charity is worthwhile, and the bar stays open long after the show.

Thankfully, as a nation, we’re great at immediately seeing through bullshit and calling it – Paddy Power are even taking bets on whether this lad has actual psychic powers – thankfully, TV3 have distanced themselves from these idiots, which hopefully means our late night TV will be free from this sort of shit from now on. If not, I suggest the entire population take turns doing stuff like this:


  1. It’s a ‘dowser’!

    • Hey there just wanted to proivde you with a speedy heads up. The text inside your post seem to be running off the screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this really is a formatting concern or some thing to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you realize. The style and style appear terrific though! Hope you get the concern fixed soon. Thanks

  2. Sorry Luke, you’re right – but it does look and behave like a pendulum, no?

  3. PMSL at the final video by the way!

  4. I love how he looks down right at the end.

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