Kids in Pubs – Jesus Bloody Christ

Alcohol + Children – Parents = Minefield

Anybody who wasn’t in my local pub yesterday will still have some experience with the terror that is the unsupervised child.

Most pubs, these days, have a time by which all kids must leave the building, but very few seem to enforce this.

Kids in Pubs

I remember being bored many a night while my parents drank away happily, and I have absolutely no issues with this. I realised where I was and what was going on – I was, after all, probably 8 or 9 years old. A packet of crisps and a can of orange kept me out of trouble and I could sit for hours listening to the banter going on around me, not fully understanding, but eager to hear more – and learn some choice insults and phrases along the way.

Nowadays, particularly in suburban areas, the local pub is a place of social importance, not just somewhere to get pissed. This apparently gives parents the right to arrive early on a Sunday afternoon, hit the sauce, and let the kids wander around the minefield of a bar. The risks brought on by random clumsy drunkards, glass, stone floors and a plentitude of smokers don’t seem to affect these parents in the slightest.

Could you please:

a) Leave your kids at home.
b) Look after them a little more closely – I don’t want to knee your 4 year old son in the face as he runs past me because he’s playing chasing around the barstools.
c) have nicer children.

If you feel it is your right to enjoy a few drinks at the weekend, then you are correct. If you feel it’s your right to bring along your kids, then you’re wrong.

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