Journalistic Integrity and the Surveillance State


It’s been over four months since the first in an ongoing series of revelations by The Guardian. These disclosures confirmed what many so called “conspiracy theorists” had suspected, and in some cases known – a massive, covert illegal collection of almost all electronic communications by various state sanctioned entities across …

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Defecting from the Catholic Church in Ireland

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Declaration of Defection I’m looking for information regarding the policies around defection – specifically, removing my details from a list/database of baptised Catholics. Obviously, I was quite young at the time of baptism Had I been able to think critically and logically at birth, I’d have told my parents not …

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TIL; That Cher Is Dead

thatcher death revellers

Twitter confusion out of the way, Margaret Thatcher is dead.   And Cher is still 100% alive, in the broadest dictionary sense. Why do the pretty ones seem to suffer old age more than the fuglies? Contrast? God’s ultimate irony? I didn’t see Maggie get any uglier in her latter …

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Live Psychic Readings on TV3!

Psychic - homeless?

You are equally as special as everyone else – you can do this! The above sentence is an actual quote from the live show – other gems include; “all the intelligent people are still awake and watching this show” “call now, while the rest of the country is asleep”. The …

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