Defecting from the Catholic Church in Ireland

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Declaration of Defection I’m looking for information regarding the policies around defection – specifically, removing my details from a list/database of baptised Catholics. Obviously, I was quite young at the time of baptism Had I been able to think critically and logically at birth, I’d have told my parents not …

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TJ Cunningham – some perspective

Once in a blue moon, something will hammer home just how irrelevant everything I complain about really is. This is one of those things. TJ Cunningham was born in May 2011, and 13 months later suffered his first seizure. He was later diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy which …

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Presidential Debate – The Final Fence

sean gallagher messed up

Poor Wee Seanie Gallagher If ever a man needed a hug, this was that man, and last night was that time. Pat Kenny, for once, did not induce stomach crippling cringe-attacks, and actually kept the discussion going well, pulling no punches and defending the audience’s questions near the end, as …

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Presidential Race – Norris v McGuinness

martin mcguinness and his best friend

2011 Irish Presidential Elections Being 100% apolitical, my decisions on who should be our next President are based solely on gut instinct, and have absolutely nothing to do with politics, parties or manifestos of any variety. I think the President should be an ideological position, and so my choices are …

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Senator David Norris for President

Definitely, and why not? He’s a legend in my eyes, and compared to the stale, predictably non-offensive previous Presidents we’ve had (no-offence ladies), I think it would be a breath of fresh air in a role which has become more or less useless. Give the President an ACTUAL part to …

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