AIB Internet Banking – A Symphony of Riddles

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. Bankcentre Ballsbridge Dublin Re: Internet/Phone Banking To Who-ever it may concern, I recently have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with both AIB Phone Banking & AIB Internet Banking. Both matrix type facilities were unable to perform simple tasks without a plethora of cards, …

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The Premier League is back!!!!

My heavily biased 2011/12 predictions It was a long wait, but thank Jeebus we finally get to watch football every weekend. Three months of trying in vain to justify trips to the pub on a Sunday has finally come to an end. Guilt free pints are the last bastion of …

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Do We Still Need God?

In short, no. We don’t. Since man (and women!) became aware and thoughtful, the desire to explain what we see has been ever-present. From a running river to the sun rising and setting, a constant need for knowledge has driven our success, not only as an apex predator and “ruler …

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Some Reasons why Google are EVIL

Google IS Evil – See??? “Borrowed” from the excellent Article can be found here. * They repeatedly broke the law with their ebook scanning project. Their ebook store is already open in spite of a judge requiring them to rework their agreements. * They bought Youtube, a den of …

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Kids in Pubs – Jesus Bloody Christ

Alcohol + Children – Parents = Minefield Anybody who wasn’t in my local pub yesterday will still have some experience with the terror that is the unsupervised child. Most pubs, these days, have a time by which all kids must leave the building, but very few seem to enforce this.

Obama is DEAD! Sorry, I meant Osama.

Good or Bad? Awful. I’ll admit, a rather large part of my conscious still believes that a man capable of ordering the killing of thousands of innocent people going about their daily business probably isn’t worthy of a place on this planet, but the joy and relief on display across …

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Senator David Norris for President

Definitely, and why not? He’s a legend in my eyes, and compared to the stale, predictably non-offensive previous Presidents we’ve had (no-offence ladies), I think it would be a breath of fresh air in a role which has become more or less useless. Give the President an ACTUAL part to …

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